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No, all 3 of those DTCs are related to issues with the Engine Coolant Bypass Valve.

BUT, the "PORT VALVES" actually is something listed as warranty-able under the terms of the 8-year 100.000 mile VOLTEC warranty

It's just that the term gets missed as these two valves are called something different in the parts system

What is meant by the Voltec term "port valves" is the 3-port valve (aka Engine Coolant Bypass Valve) and the 4-port valve (aka Battery Coolant Bypass Valve) The "x-port valves: were terms coined back in MY2011 with the launch of the Gen1 Volt but were later changed to be more reflective of their actual duties. Yet the old terms remains in the warranty booklets and other GM service and training documents.

To further the confusion the 3-port valve is also referred to as the "Heater Water Shutoff Valve" in the replacement procedure in the service manual

So stick to your guns and refer to list of VOLTEC WARRANTY components in your glovebox warranty booklet. If it's missing you can download the PDF on the site

Good Luck!
Even though you say "No" at the beginning of your message after reading it seems you are saying this should be covered under the Voltec Warranty. Could you clarify?
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