It's unfortunately time to sell my Gen 1 Volt. Since buying my volt, I have baby number 2, and an increasing need to haul bikes, and sports gear. Will be upgrading to an SUV and will miss the Volt dearly.

I generally don't do private sales - but felt this community is a great place to do it, as there are nuances to this car that a regular car dealer doesn't understand, and that's bad for the buyer and seller.

About the car. I bought it as a certified pre-owned in 2017 and have owned it ever since. The car is nicely equipped for a gen-1. over-engineered for reliability and has the highest range of a gen-1. It has leather, sirius-xm, nav, rear-view camera and the bose sound system. It also has the "upgraded" 17 inch wheels.

Battery is in excellent shape. This car has been babied and is garaged. There is a mix of gas and electric cycles with a lifetime MPG of 52.9. So plenty of life in both the electric and traditional powertrains. Shows 39 miles of range in the summer, and showing low 30s when charged in the winter. Lower range in the winter due to winter tires and heater use.

Mileage is low for a 2015 at 61k. Car was used mainly for short trips but spent most of its life in a garage. Car is in excellent shape as it's lightly used.

Maintenance is up to date with records on request. Some of the more expensive service items have been done, including: 5 year fluid flush service, replacing radiator sensor (cheap sensor, expensive dealer time to get to), new friction (traditional brakes). We use the regen to slow down a lot, and the friction brakes get very little use, and unfortunatly rusted up. This was replaced in 2023.

Car comes with: Winter Tires (on the vehicle), Summer Tires, plus the Charger.

Tires are in excellent shape. I bought new summer and winter tires when i purchased the car and rotated the tires seasonally. I had 2 of the winter tires recently replaced. documented tire exchanges.

Price is firm - less than a dealer listing price would be and higher than a carmax trade in. A bit of extra effort on both our sides to split the difference. Payment in the form of a bank check, title-in-hand and will transfer at a local bank. I'm located in Southern New Hampshire.