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Hi all,

I am selling my 2015 Chevy Volt Premium. Here's the basic info:

2nd Owner (bought from original owner private party)
63,xxx miles
Fully Loaded
Bose Premium Speakers
Leather--Heated Seats
Lane Departure
Front Sensors
Back up Camera
Two Keys
Regularly average 40-44 miles on battery

Various warranties still in tack (longer if you're in California)--I can sign Into my account If you'd like to see the remainder
Carpool EV sticker is used up entirely in CA

-I have free access to the car's personal Carfax thanks to my dealership, so I can send that information your way.
-I've been tracking my mileage on (I believe furthest back is 6/2018 if you're curious)


TL;DR here is a LOT more information..

I bought this back in Feb 2017 from the original owner at about 21,500 miles who was selling due to having a second kid. Car Lifetime MPG was at 205mpg and so you can see he rarely filled the vehicle up; in my possession the car sits between 115mpg to 120mpg as I used to drive a lot for work in Los Angeles.

Selling because I no longer drive for work as often and would like a car with a usable backseat.

Car has received regular maintenance in its entire ownership and done at Chevrolet.

Recent maintenance done in the last 10k miles:
Brand new 12V battery
Coolant Reservoir Valve Replaced (under warranty)
Coolant Flush
Oil Change
Front Passenger Window Motor replaced (it went out)

I replaced the 12V battery (about $300) as it was just about time as the original one was getting weak. A week later I had the car throw a CEL light and found out the coolant valve needed to replaced. (replaced under Voltec Warranty) and did a coolant flush while I was at it.

Prior to that the car had just regular oil changes and tires.

All 4 tires were replaced back in June 2018. (35,000 miles)
Two of the tires have about 28,000 miles on them- 6/2018
Got a flat tire and replaced two (have about 10,000 miles)-- 10/2019
Overall I would give the car condition an 9/10.

The car has always been garaged. I regularly wash and wax the vehicle with the occasional claybar from time to time.

There are no major scratches, scuffs, etc. Just the typical wear and tear of a 5-year old vehicle.
Interior is in great condition. Car has OEM rubber floor mats.


My car currently still has a lien at my credit union and that would need to be settled during the transaction. I've already begun the process.

Carvana has offered $11,400 for the vehicle and well, I may take that offer for the ease of it all and if I find a replacement vehicle in the next few weeks. So listing may be gone unexpectedly.

Figured I'd give the Volt community a chance to purchase, from a caring owner (and even more caring, meticulous original owner).




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