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Hi all. Just joined up here after lurking a while preparing for a used Volt purchase.

Does anyone know what 2015s are auctioning for currently?

To purchase my cars I use a small local 'dealership' which mostly does business as a private dealer-auction car finder service. My current car is a 2006 Grand Prix which had an MSRP of $21.3k I got at 1 year old for $12k, nearly half price with this method. I've had it for 10 years and it has been solid, less than $2000 in maintenance/repairs. I'm going to get the ball rolling with a 2015 Volt tomorrow, but am curious what pricing I might be looking at. I see some for sale on for $15k so I'm guessing auction price is somewhere around $10-12k. The service I use is auction price + $700, so I am hoping to get a 2015 for what 2014s are going for atm.

Thanks for the information hosted on the site. It has been invaluable in my preparation.
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