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2014 Volt Shutting Itself Off on the Street

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My wife was driving my Volt while I was traveling on business (as she usually does) and she mentioned that the car shut itself off while stopped. Has anyone else experienced this?

I know about some hitting the power button twice by mistake to go to the Sport setting but this was not the case here.

Lauren from GM has been great in helping me schedule an appointment with a dealer which I am taking the car to on Monday for other things like the clicking sound while turning on the front axles, creaking sound on the rear suspension, infotainment resetting itself or lagging, overly sensitive forward collision system (constantly warning of an impending collision when there isn't even a car in front of me) and a small trim piece that fell off. I will add this to the list.
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Inadvertently shutting the car off by accident when looking to change drive mode.

Is there a POLL for this?

I've done it at least 3 times in the 9 months I've had my Gen 1. I'm glad they moved the power button on the Gen 2 models. It would have been nice if the mode button was on the steering wheel.

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Haven't done it even once in two years. In fact have never done it.
Good for you. The close proximity of the 2 buttons has foiled my muscle memory several times. Kinda like driving a stick shift most of the time, then you get in a automatic vehicle with column shift and you find yourself reaching for the stick shift that isn't there.

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The car even warns you after the first push. There's very reliable way to locate the button by feel. If that isn't sufficient the other method is not to play with the buttons while driving. There's little urgent reason to be poking at them while driving anyway. So if one is unsure, they can be left alone. Yes Gen 2 has been made more idiot resistant.
The drive mode vs power button is an old topic that some feel is a serious safety defect and others not so much. I believe the OP is reporting the car is just turning off while sitting at a light. Should we assume she doesn't mean the engine turned off while sitting at a light? That could be perfectly normal. Lets hope we hear a report back when the car has been looked at.
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