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2014 Volt Shutting Itself Off on the Street

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My wife was driving my Volt while I was traveling on business (as she usually does) and she mentioned that the car shut itself off while stopped. Has anyone else experienced this?

I know about some hitting the power button twice by mistake to go to the Sport setting but this was not the case here.

Lauren from GM has been great in helping me schedule an appointment with a dealer which I am taking the car to on Monday for other things like the clicking sound while turning on the front axles, creaking sound on the rear suspension, infotainment resetting itself or lagging, overly sensitive forward collision system (constantly warning of an impending collision when there isn't even a car in front of me) and a small trim piece that fell off. I will add this to the list.
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There is a failsafe. You have to press it twice. And ignore that the DIC looks wrong before the second press. And I vaguely remember that there's a chime too. So basically, you remember that it's gonnna take five seconds to get to hold mode ANYWAY and look at the darned DIC to make sure you're doing what you think you're doing. And remember that the power button is BELOW the top of the hole that the shifter is in, and the mode button is above it. So put your fingers in the hole and keep your thumb up.
People think your weird if you're looking at your DIC all the time. But seriously, human nature is to expect that you did the right thing so not looking at the DIC, and ignoring the chime--especially if you're prone to leaving your charge door open--is also pretty normal. I think it would have been better to put one of those flip-up covers on the thing or to make the chime in that instance sound more ominous.
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