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2014 Volt - REduced EV range

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Hi all
I'm new here and this is my first post.
I bought a used 2014 Volt in June and imported it to Iceland, Europe. When I got it the EV range was around 40 miles. In the beginning of October the range started to gradually degrade and is now 26 miles. Has anyone experienced something like this? Can I somehow check the battery cell status myself? Since it's imported from the US I'm not sure the local dealer is willing to help. The car is kept inside overnight so it's not because of the colder weather.
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Yes, drop in range is normal due to the colder weather. 20-26 miles is what I am seeing in my 2013 already. Below about 14 celcius is when it starts to really happen. Between 3 celcius and 10 celcius is the worst for range.
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