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2014 Volt Creaks on Acceleration and Deceleration

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Hello all,

I recently purchased my 2014 Volt used from Carvana, and I couldn't be happier! It's a fantastic vehicle that has exceeded my expectations. But unfortunately, it seems to have some creaking and groaning issues that are derived from the largely plastic construction.

My primary issue is creaking/groaning whenever I accelerate/decelerate. It occurs in both EV and Extended Range modes. The creaking seems to originate from somewhere on the passenger side dash, glovebox, or center stack (I have been unable to pinpoint it). It gets much worse when the ICE comes on, I assume due to increased vibration.

I've been searching all across the internet for an answer, but have yet to come up with a solution. So I ask of you all: have any of you had this issue, and if so, how did you resolve it?

My vehicle is:
2014 Chevrolet Volt Premium


Thank you all in advance, and Happy Holidays!
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Just finished fixing a 2012 that had something similar to what you described.

If you held the brake with the left foot and stepped on the throttle with it in gear, you would hear kind of slight scrape and clunk the first time, then if you put it in reverse, it would do almost the ssame scrape-clunk.

We thought it might be broken motor or transaxle mounts at first, and even replaced the bottom transaxle one, because the rubber in it was a little torn after about 150,000 miles. But the same noise was still there.

Finally, after we used an endoscope to look at the top motor mounts while doing the same procedure above, we found it! It was the bolts on the driver side that hold the motor mount to the transaxle were loose and the whole thing could shift slightly each time it was torqued in the opposite direction. The minute we tightened the bolts up, problem solved.

Since we had replaced both motor mounts, and it worked fine for a couple of years, I think maybe those bolts should be installed with lock-tight, which we didn't do, although I know we torqued them to spec.

Or maybe a few of them get loose out of the 100,000 cars built. :)
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