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New to posting, but have lurked on forum for a while.

I was driving my 2014 Volt (60K miles) on the freeway 2 weeks ago and the "reduced propulsion power" screen came on. Then the car DIED in the middle of traffic, slowing down due to loss of engine. The biggest problem- I lost my hazards and turn signals. No way to tell anyone why my car was suddenly slowing down. Still had blue tooth/intermittent stereo.

Car got to side of road (barely) and then "initializing" screen starting coming on over and over. Finally got hazards on after several minutes.

Turns out the car's main battery failed, but still super concerned about losing my ability to communicate with other drivers. Battery replaced under warranty, no one able to explain what happened with the signaling system. 12V completely drained after tow because car could not be turned off (of course I had to pay for that).

Anyone else had this happen? Any other explanations or suggestions for me? I'm sketched out about getting on the road again for longer trips. I know it's highly unlikely this will happen again, but I don't feel like the dealer or Volt tech really could figure out the problems....

It's quite common for someone to hit the Mode button twice to get to sport and have the exact problem you just had, or at least think they hit that button and without looking to see what they are doing hit the start/stop button instead.
I've done it myself.
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