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2014 Not Able to Charge message

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I just got the "not able to charge" message last night on my 2014 Volt.

Anyway, when plugging in, the charge indicator light on the dash stays amber. Or, sometimes it turns green and begins charging but, after about a minute or so, switches back to amber. Or sometimes it flashes amber. Any time there is an amber light, there is an audible click, much like the one that I hear every time the car begins successfully charging. I can't tell if it's coming from the charger or the car. Any time the charge indicator lamp is amber, the DIC displays the cryptic message "not able to charge".

-I checked the charge port prongs on the vehicle: all are straight and free of corrosion.
-I tried my 240v wall charger and the 110v charger that came with the car: neither will charge the car. In fact, when I plugged in the 110, the ground fault protection immediately tripped on the wall outlet.
-I drove around the neighborhood for about half an hour but still had the same issue when trying to plug in after.
-Battery charges up to half and car runs fine in mountain mode.
-Orange "engine" light on DIC is illuminated.

Without knowing the codes, I'm guessing this is a charge port problem.

For the record, I had a "service high voltage charging system" code after a long mountain mode trip. Dealer applied TSB solution back in November 2022.

Taking it to a dealer soon; I will have to check under the hood for the sticker that will tell me if I am still under battery warranty or not: currently at about 103k miles and coming up on 10 years since manufacture date. Fingers crossed...

And yes, I have searched the forums and have an idea of what's going on. Wish me luck!
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Follow-up - I took the vehicle to AutoNation Chevrolet in Santa Clarita, CA, They kept it over a week before diagnosing the problem; my service advisor told me that the charge port needed to be replaced. Since the car had less than 150k miles and was less than 10 years old, California required the repair to be covered under warranty.

However... I was told the part was on backorder and that it may take a while to obtain.

I waited over two more weeks (coming up on a month at that point) before I finally called the dealership on a Monday and told them to either: 1. fix the car, 2. provide me a loaner or rental or 3. return the car to me unrepaired and I would drive it in mountain mode until the part arrived. I gave them until the end of the week (Friday) to make one of these things happen. To the surprise of absolutely no one, they chose option 3.

When I got the car home, I plugged it in for s**ts and giggles. Lo and behold, it charged right up with no problem at all.

I drove the car as normal with charging for about two more weeks. Then, we had another rainy spell and the car started doing the same thing as before.

I called the dealership and asked for the service manager since my rep had proven to be unreliable in his promises to contact me with updates while they had the car. I left the service manager a voicemail on a weekday.

The next day, 24 hours later, I started looking at GM's corporate website and found a "lemon law" link to their customer relations department. I contacted them, explaining the situation (I needed a warranty repair but was told the part was not available, so what could be done?), and someone from GM got back to me the next day.

He had difficulty getting hold of anyone at the dealership (nobody was returning calls from the main number), so I gave him the direct lines of my service rep and the service department manager.

What do you know, the next day, the service manager called me and told me the charge port was in and when would I like to have the repair done?

I brought the car in the next business day and they had it ready for me later in the day, but too late for me to pick it up, so I got it the next day.

Moral of the story: don't contact a lawyer until you have exhausted all other routes. I went through this with a Ford a few years ago and wound up just selling the car rather than waiting for the class action settlement, which it turns out wouldn't have applied in my case, anyway, despite it obviously being for the same issue. But THAT'S another story for a different forum.
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