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2014 LOTS of smoke and oil dripping from exhaust pipe!

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Very cold here today, -30C. Remote started my ELR, went outside 5 min later, and the parking lot looked like it was foggy. Someone had a door open and said they thought my car was on fire! Went around the back, there was oil dripping from the tailpipe and a puddle of oil (and a big stain) on the snow. Started the car with the hood up, ICE engaged, and the smoke show started immediately.

Checked oil, down to the tip. I had checked it one week ago, it was full. Haven't noticed any smoke or oil this week. Got it into the school auto shop bay, and immediately shut it off. Pulled the engine cover to see if I could see the PCV (nope). Took the oil cap off, there were actual chunks of ice in there! I'm HOPING that condensation freezing has caused the PCV to stick and it pulling oil right into the exhaust. I'm leaving it in the warm shop tonight to thaw out. I'll go over tomorrow and see if I can drive it to burn off the oil. I did top it up.

The ERDTT has been running normally lately. I haven't used HOLD at all, my commute is short. I'm sure that the short ERDTT has contributed to the condensation in the engine not burning off.

It did set the MIL: P0AC4 and P15F6. Nothing that gives me any info pertinent to the issue.

The plan for tomorrow: start it up in the warm shop on battery, get it outside, put it in HOLD, drive around the block and check the oil level. If ok, go for a five min drive on the highway on HOLD, then check oil again. Keep repeating, with longer duration until smoke stops from burning the oil out of the exhaust. Keep the scanner on it to monitor MIL request.

I'm open to ideas. I've searched the other "oil billowing smoke" threads and nothing matches these symptoms.
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It should not be any "ice" inside your ICE, unless the water comes from a leaking head gasket...Is your coolant low?. Keep warm.
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