High voltage battery a.k.a. the traction battery removed from a 2014 Volt at 60,500 miles. All cells are good (+/- 6mv) and currently has about an 80% charge. It was replaced due to a P0C78 error, so the High Voltage Battery Disconnect Relay - GM (24297383) will need to be swapped from your battery pack. The pack is in perfect physical condition, no bumps, dents, or cracks.

I am the original owner of the car and this battery has led a sheltered life. The car was almost always parked in an attached garage at home and in an underground garage at work. It was rarely, if ever, exposed to temperature extremes.

I would prefer local pickup (I can load it into a pickup truck bed) and can ship it. I would also consider delivery at $2.00/mile.

I made two custom frames to support the battery when installing/removing and will include them. The battery is currently sitting on one frame, and I will put the battery and frames on a 6' pallet for delivery or shipping.