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Is it better to pay for expensive heater repair or buy a cheap power invertor kit w/spaceheater

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2014 Heater Assembly Replacement Nightmare

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The Volt uses a heater system that is complex and expensive to replace. It uses a heating system which relies on an electric heater to heat up coolant that is going through the coolant line. The heated coolant is then sent to a pump which then provides heat to the cabin. Without an in-line coolant heater, the system does not work and requires the replacement of the in-line coolant heater (also known as GM part no: 22851153, 22747764, 22788440, 22792167, 22794426)

I have been trying to fix this problem by first going to a local GM dealer, only to find them asking 3800 dollars for replacement of the inline coolant heater and heater pump and the 8 hours of labor it takes to get access to the parts and replace them. Just the in-line coolant heater alone would cost 1700 dollars. I did find a new one on GM part exchange for 1000 dollars. I don't have that much available to spend on repairs so I then found a local mechanic that would be able to use parts I found on used car parts online search service.

That lead me to Green Light Auto in Southern California, where they had the part listed including the correct part number. Only problem is they ripped the part off and the High Voltage wire and connector were missing when I received the part in the mail. The wires cannot be spliced according to a certified GM Volt tech because that could heat up and start an engine bay fire.

So back I went to look for another replacement part, and there are not many used in-line coolant heaters available anymore (even though they are interchangeable through all Gen 1 years). The next place I called still hasn't returned my call, my price quote, or any of my emails. All I wanted to know was if the part they list on their website and on is actually the GM part number I listed earlier.

So now I'm stuck buying the $1,000 plus tax in-line coolant heater new (can't afford) or just buying the power inverter kit that is on this forum and plugging a space heater into it which all together would cost $500. Which is the best way to go in this situation, and has anyone else dealt with this? Been a Volt owner for over 2 years and it's a 2014 Volt with 111k miles.
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Local GM dealer did the Diagnostic and it was 300 dollars. They had a Volt tech try everything including testing for any power draw, there is none. It says at 0 kw on the dash with full heat on both electric and gas engine. The dealer's mentioned the increased cost on the diagnostic was because it was a certified GM Volt tech and their labor hours were higher then the diagnostic they would charge for my other car that is an Equinox. The code that they pulled is B101D Electronic Control Unit Hardware Failure. Hope that helps, they even called to the next major big city, St. Louis GM Volt tech to verify that there wasn't any other repair that could work. I've been without heat in my car for over a month!

Thanks for your help, everyone!
Go find another dealership. They're ripping you off with that "certified Volt" technicians are more expensive crap.
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