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2014 Gas Range

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I recently purchased a 2014 Volt. The battery seems to work fine however I don't think I have seen its full potential being that here in KC, MO we are in the dead of winter. When fully charged it estimates 31 miles. I am hoping that estimation it higher with warmer weather however the battery could have degraded some too. A bigger concern I have is the gas range. When researching I always saw 38 miles for battery and ~345 miles for gas with premium fuel. Unfortunately even with premium fuel my estimated gas range is 200-215 miles. That is a serious loss of miles. I was expecting a range comparable to my previous traditional ICE Hyundai Sonata but I am losing about 100 miles. Has anyone else experienced this? Could something be wrong? Does the ICE lose range in the winter too? Does the range estimation provided not factor in mpg well enough to calculate a 345 mile range?
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BOTH of those numbers are "estimates" based on many factors but mostly how the vehicle has been driven/operated in the last several cycles. If the car was driven in CS mode in COLD weather it will use that as a baseline to GUESSTIMATE future range.

The major issue with the Volt's ICE fuel mileage is that most of it's use is in COLD temps and often when the car is driven a short distance, parked and driven again. ERDTT will kill fuel mileage.

I suggest filling the tank with fresh premium fuel and taking it on a long drive and watch what happens to those numbers.

There is nothing wrong with your car.
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