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2014 First Problem P1F58 CEL

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Hi all-

My first problem with my 2014 Volt. It just turned 30,000 and I charge on 240. Check engine light turned on after unplugging it.
Any ideas of what this code from Onstar means, or has anyone else experienced this code?

The Lithium-Ion Battery is not performing as expected. An issue has been detected in the Onboard Charging System which manages your vehicles battery pack charge level.

The car is performing fine and is charging.
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Here's a link to another thread where I have posted on this issue. Long story short, the CEL has been coming on with the P1F58 code. Dealership says that a battery pack valve needs to be replaced. $400 total cost for repair...
Took it to the dealership today. The CEL was not lit when I arrived (of course) but they were able to read a fault code history, and found code P1F58 (the code I found using OnStar) and PiF56. I believe P1F58 is for the Control Valve Sensor, and P1f56 is for the Control Valve itself. They said the repair involves replacing the valve, part 22987493. A $50 part online, but they quoted me $691,53 for parts and labor. OUCH. I'm ASSUMING the the labor includes both installation of the new parts, and some type of re-learn or configuration of the new part (very common on many electronic parts in today's cars) that requires connectivity to the GM OEM software. I did not have time to wait the 4 and a half hours they said the repair would take, so I'm dropping it off on Friday. I'll keep ya posted.
The repair was completed yesterday. The part is located in the far back left area under the hood, behind two wiring harness connections. It appears to be a real pain to access. I assume that part of the high repair cost was for the part itself, labor costs, and to use their software diagnostic tool to re-learn the part, that is make sure the VIC Control Module that controls the valve learns the valve positions. Reading the details of the fault codes explanations, P1F56 and PiF58, the VIC Control Module communicates with that valve every start-up to learn its position. It is when that control module has issues doing this, that it throws one or both of those fault codes.

The service rep said that the repair would take about 4.5 hours to complete. I dropped the Volt off for a 7:00 a.m. appointment, and got a call about 11:00 a.m. saying it was finished and ready to pick-up, so I assume that time frame is about right.

And yeah, that repair cost is a little high, but I bough the car new, and up to this point at 106K miles, my maintenance/repair costs have been far less than any other car I have owned, so I'm still far ahead in the game in total $$ spent compared to a conentional ICE car, in $$, time, and associated stress with dealing with that stuff. I love electric cars! I'm starting to consider at Tesla Model 3 or Model Y for my next purchase, when my Volt gets older and wears out

And yes, if you are getting a CEL and those fault codes, I would recommend having the repair done, especially if the CEL is coming on quite a bit. I ignored it when it first came on for about a day, then turn off, and would not return for a month, but then it would come on and off several times a week. The car's control modules are not lying to you. There is an issue, and it needs to be fixed.
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