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2014 First Problem P1F58 CEL

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Hi all-

My first problem with my 2014 Volt. It just turned 30,000 and I charge on 240. Check engine light turned on after unplugging it.
Any ideas of what this code from Onstar means, or has anyone else experienced this code?

The Lithium-Ion Battery is not performing as expected. An issue has been detected in the Onboard Charging System which manages your vehicles battery pack charge level.

The car is performing fine and is charging.
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My 2014 volt had error code P1F58 also. I purchased part 22987493 online for $40. I didn't want to pay the dealer $700, so I took on the repair myself. The part is in the back left corner next to the firewall. You can see the part with a flashlight. I took off the plastic engine cover. You just take out the 2 star bolts on the front and disconnect the 2 air hoses on the left and it pulls right out. Next remove the air hose connected to the throttle body. After that remove the throttle body by removing the 4 star bolts and disconnecting the electrical connector by pressing on the tab on the bottom and pulling out. Put a paper towel in the tube the throttle body was connected to. You don't want any junk or parts falling down there. You now have access to the control valve. take off the 2 nuts that bolt the control valve in place. Next you remove the 4 hoses. The top hose and right hose have pins that hold them in place. Pull the pins out (I used a flat head screwdriver and needle nose pliers). Be careful not to lose the pins! After the pins are out pry off the hose using a large flat head screwdriver. The 2 front hoses have clamps. Pinch the clamps and pull them back on the hose past the tube on the valve. I had to pry the hoses off, they have a very tight fit. You lose a little coolant which can be replaced later. Next pull off the electrical connector by pressing the bottom tab and pulling back. The part will now come out. Shove the new part in and connect all the hoses and electrical. make sure to put the pins back in on the top and right hose. Bolt the bracket to the car. Put the throttle body back on and the engine cover. I had to start the car twice before the check engine light would go off. At least that annoying light is off now! This was a painful process because there is so little room to work with. It took me about 3 hours to complete the job.
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Did you have to add coolant or cycle the pumps to get any air out?
I just waited a day for the coolant level to drop before I had to add some. After about a month the level dropped again. The air bubbles must have found their way out. I added about a pint in total. It's all good now.
Thanks for the Cross post. I might not have found this thread otherwise. Between your post and the following I think I understand possible causes.

Thanks for your detailed repair procedure. I haven't looked at the car yet, but it sounds like this is doable.

My question is: Is this a real HW problem or is the ECU looking for a certain feedback signal on the control circuit (or position sending potentiometer) when it adjusts the valve and the aged valve is just responding slowly ... possibly because of some interaction from the preconditioning and the EVSE being pulled quickly.

This referenced page <P1f56 Chevrolet - Hybrid/EV Battery Pack Coolant Control Valve Stuck> gives the detail that the ECU "... can drive the valve motor in a forward or reverse direction. One end position of the range is the Radiator connection, the middle position is the bypass position and the other end is the chiller position." This means the valve has 3 positions and the ECU must vary or pulse the signal to get the valve in the desired position.

And, in the other thread, Tim provided valve position feedback info (though I don't know the source of his "References") ...

The link at the end of Tim's post references back to this current thread.

Clearly multiple people are seeing this problem; But it is intermittent. I do precondition somewhat often so I can see how that might correlate with what others are experiencing.

@evfix : What was the condition of the valve (and position sender) that you removed from the vehicle?

Thanks ya all!
{I've got 3 vehicles and 2 boats I'm maintaining so I'm not ready to jump into another repair if I don't need to.}
The valve was in good condition when I pulled it. You wouldn't know anything was wrong with it. After I put the new one in the error code never came back.
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