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2014 First Problem P1F58 CEL

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Hi all-

My first problem with my 2014 Volt. It just turned 30,000 and I charge on 240. Check engine light turned on after unplugging it.
Any ideas of what this code from Onstar means, or has anyone else experienced this code?

The Lithium-Ion Battery is not performing as expected. An issue has been detected in the Onboard Charging System which manages your vehicles battery pack charge level.

The car is performing fine and is charging.
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I occasionally get a check engine light - I pulled the codes the other day P1F56, P1F58 -
P1F56 CHEVROLET - Hybrid/EV Battery Pack Coolant Control Valve Stuck

Its intermittent and clears within a day or two, and after reading this thread could be related to interrupting the preconditioning ?

I wanted to rule out having and actual "Battery Pack Coolant Control Valve Stuck"

2014 Volt otherwise operating perfectly

The last few weeks the check engine light is always on - I'm going to pull the codes again - assuming its the same codes: -
P1F56 CHEVROLET - Hybrid/EV Battery Pack Coolant Control Valve Stuck

Would this (coolant valve) be covered under the 8 year battery warranty ?
(I've been getting 36-38 miles off full charge - so have not prioritized getting it checked)

Thanks for the crosspost - my CEL is on 90% time with the same P1F56 and P1F58 codes - I tried calling into my dealership to check if its covered under warranty (2014 Volt, < 60K miles) - got passed off to voicemail - no response
I am seeing 39 miles off full charge - so its not affecting range or performance, but want to get it resolved under warranty if at all possible

thanks again - will call them again now
looking fwd to the update - part number replaced $50 part, labor $600+ (90% labor cost ?)
I'd like to see the GM mechanic link for replacing the part - it must be difficult to get to and replace ?

Still getting the CEL most of the time, but 38 miles/charge and no performance issues

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