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2014 First Problem P1F58 CEL

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Hi all-

My first problem with my 2014 Volt. It just turned 30,000 and I charge on 240. Check engine light turned on after unplugging it.
Any ideas of what this code from Onstar means, or has anyone else experienced this code?

The Lithium-Ion Battery is not performing as expected. An issue has been detected in the Onboard Charging System which manages your vehicles battery pack charge level.

The car is performing fine and is charging.
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The repair was completed yesterday. The part is located ....
Thanks for the Cross post. I might not have found this thread otherwise. Between your post and the following I think I understand possible causes.

My 2014 volt had error code P1F58 also. I purchased part .....
Thanks for your detailed repair procedure. I haven't looked at the car yet, but it sounds like this is doable.

My question is: Is this a real HW problem or is the ECU looking for a certain feedback signal on the control circuit (or position sending potentiometer) when it adjusts the valve and the aged valve is just responding slowly ... possibly because of some interaction from the preconditioning and the EVSE being pulled quickly.

This referenced page <> gives the detail that the ECU "... can drive the valve motor in a forward or reverse direction. One end position of the range is the Radiator connection, the middle position is the bypass position and the other end is the chiller position." This means the valve has 3 positions and the ECU must vary or pulse the signal to get the valve in the desired position.

And, in the other thread, Tim provided valve position feedback info (though I don't know the source of his "References") ...


References below

P1F58 Meaning
The valve provides position feedback to the hybrid/EV powertrain control module 2 based on a potentiometer in the valve. The hybrid/EV powertrain control module 2 uses this feedback to monitor the valve position. Different valve positions correspond to different resistance values. The hybrid/EV powertrain control module 2 determines the resistance values corresponding to the end stop positions of the valve by moving the valve to an end-stop and back to its original position when the vehicle is first turned on. This is referred to as the hybrid/EV powertrain control module 2 "diagnostic learn" the valve. This provides a valve shaft breakage test and allows the hybrid/EV powertrain control module 2 to "learn" the position feedback value that corresponds to that end-stop. The end-stop that is used at each Vehicle in Service Mode alternates between each end, the radiator end one time, the chiller end the next time, the radiator end the next time, etc.
The link at the end of Tim's post references back to this current thread.

Clearly multiple people are seeing this problem; But it is intermittent. I do precondition somewhat often so I can see how that might correlate with what others are experiencing.

@evfix : What was the condition of the valve (and position sender) that you removed from the vehicle?

Thanks ya all!
{I've got 3 vehicles and 2 boats I'm maintaining so I'm not ready to jump into another repair if I don't need to.}
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Correct valve to fix DTC's P1F58 and P0CE5

My 2014 volt had error code P1F58 also. I purchased part 22987493 online for $40. I didn't want to pay the dealer $700, so I took on the repair myself. The part is in the back left corner next to the firewall. You can see the part with a flashlight. ...
It took me about 3 hours to complete the job.
@evfix : Did you find a diagram somewhere that told you where the valve is located? Other info I could reference?

Since posting last week, my CEL is always on now. I'm showing the P1F58 and P0CE5 DTC's. I'll attach a screen capture of the descriptions below.
I also have a call into a dealer to investigate if I can get this work covered under the Voltec warranty. It's worth a shot. Of course they want to charge me a $150 diagnostic fee, but I gave them the DTC's and part number so they're at least looking into it.

My conundrum is that several web sites list the 22987493 part as only fitting the 2011 to 2013 model years. I think this is wrong. I'd like some FEEDBACK here as to your experiences please!

I also wonder: I have a P1F58 and not the P1F56. Does that mean that the valve is OK and only the position sender is bad? (It depends how the firmware is written I guess).

{Edit}: This site shows that the part DOES fit the 2015, which is the conclusion I came to.

Here are the details about the two parts, but this doesn't prove anything. Is there a different part for the 2014 and 2015's?

2011 -> 2013 Control Valve - GM (22987493):

2011- 2015 Shut-Off Valve - GM (22987494) -> I think this is for the cabin heating/cooling circuit.

The second coolant hose route diagram shows a valve (#7) similar to (22987493) but lists the (22987494) valve which I think is wrong (the referenced part #). Compare this second diagram with the one on the page for the (22987494) part - this appears to be a completely different cooling circuit!!

Again, the valve in this hose set diagram appears to be (22987493)*!

In fact this thread shows that the 22987494 valve is for the cabin heat !!!

I've attached the screen capture of the related DTC codes.

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