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2014 First Problem P1F58 CEL

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Hi all-

My first problem with my 2014 Volt. It just turned 30,000 and I charge on 240. Check engine light turned on after unplugging it.
Any ideas of what this code from Onstar means, or has anyone else experienced this code?

The Lithium-Ion Battery is not performing as expected. An issue has been detected in the Onboard Charging System which manages your vehicles battery pack charge level.

The car is performing fine and is charging.
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I tend to precondition most mornings, especially when it's hot or cold, and now I see this happening. After a couple drive cycles and full recharge, the CEL goes off. I guess I'll try holding the L2 EVSE trigger longer before unplugging to see if it stops this annoying behavior. My inspection is due in July so I can't just reset it all the time.
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