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2014 ELR Doors won't open from outside

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2014 ELR, 16k miles, bought used with 14k miles. Car appears to be flawless in every way.

5/24/2018, the exterior door handles wouldn't respond to touching. Pressing the unlock button on the keyfob would flash the lights, but no unlock response. Pressing the keyfob lock button chirped the horn, flashed the lights, but nothing would unlock either door. Then I noticed that each time I pressed the unlock button, the driver's window would open a small amount. Holding the button fully opened both windows, but still, no unlocking.

I reached in, grabbed the mechanical door handle, opened the door, everything seemed to reset, and no further issues the rest of the day.

Any thoughts? Will there be a code stored? CPO, dealership is willing to run a scan, which I'll do next week.
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First open the fob and remove and replace the battery to rule out it not making good contact. I've had the same behavior with a battery that wasn't dead but needed to be moved around.

Anything else in your pocket? The ELR fob seens much more sensitive than my 2015 volt fob to interference. USB sticks and a set of keys seem to bother it. I put my key in the watch pocket of my pants, or in a cargo pocket now. Never have a problem.

Also be wary of the windows down by holding unlock. I've had it put my windows down a few times now for no reason, once in the snow/rain... and there is no way to remotely roll them back up. I had to run the heater for 2 hours and then the AC for an hour to dry out the car.
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