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I've been a Volt owner since 2014 (the year of my car's model) and couldn't be happier about it.

During the pandemic in 2020 I bought a car cover because my car wasn't going anywhere while I was working from home, and I had to park under a messy tree (where birds liked to hang out and bomb my car from above). Since then I have moved to where I can park in a covered garage. I have never used the cover, it is still in the unopened box. I bought it custom-made through Costco for $160+ and will sell for $125. It has everything designed specifically
for the 2014 model Volt: A car charge port opening, space for the antenna on the roof. Quality construction. If you have to park and charge outdoors, this is a great solution to keep your car neat and free from damage by the elements. Shipping costs TBD.

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