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2014 CPO with 26k miles - opinions?

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With my Fusion Energi lease wrapping up soon I've been watching the local used market and am seeing a local dealer with a loaded (Bose, leather, both safety packages) CPO 2014, Crystal Red with only about 26k miles on it for $15,991.

Seems like a decent price unless it needs tires and the CPO warranty should take the worry of any issues out of it. (My GMC was a CPO and it covered a few odds and ends)

Any opinions on that price?
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So take your cash and make them an offer.
They haven't replied to my email asking if I can take it into the shop for a real estimate yet (and asking if it has a clear title or not). When they do, I'll mention the ball-park estimates I've gotten from the pictures and get a feel for their willingness to barter down that low... we're talking the $5k range though and I doubt they'll let it go that cheap.

I bet they hold onto it until their own body shop can get to it in a month or two.
I randomly stumbled on this thread after visiting this dealership a couple of days ago. I'm cheap and figured I wouldn't mind driving around in a hail damaged car. I ultimately decided against the volts at this dealership.

The salesman at this dealership was nice, but completely uneducated about the Volt and not particularly helpful. I taught him a lot on my test drive, and it was my first time to drive one. That's not too unexpected though.

Overall, they are in rough condition. They replaced glass on at least 2 of 3 of their volts. The White volt on the lot still has all of the shattered glass from the back windshield sitting in the car, and I could hear glass rattling around in the blue one as well. I can't remember if there was shattered glass in the red one.

The salesman was not particularly helpful either. He was unsure or unwilling to charge the Volt. They are all 3 on the lot with 0 battery range, though I did put 2 of them in mountain mode for a bit. He did not realize that at least one of the volts is missing the charge cord.

I asked if they would clean the massive amount of glass out of the white volt so that I could test drive it. He said they don't clean them until they are sold. The glass is so bad that there's no way you could safely test drive it. Glass is literally in the seats and would fly everywhere if you stop.

The hail damage is bad too. I would say worse than what your pictures show. More importantly, some of the hail damage on the lines of the car seems to have caused small paint chips. I think there is a potential for rust in the future. The salesman admitted there were signs of water in the back of the blue one (presumably from the broken windshield). It's certainly possible water got in the others as well. Many of the turn signals/lights were damaged, but the salesman said they would be replaced due to safety concerns.

The cars are CPO so they include at least one year B2B warranty. I asked how that works with the obvious damage and potential water damage. For example, if the radio stops working next month because of water damage, is it covered? The salesman just said the glass damage is warrantied and "we would take care of any issues". I was not completely satisfied with how they are treating everything. I just couldn't shake the feeling that something was off.

Their discount was not near enough to get me to buy, and I don't mind driving with moderate hail damage.

I would love to hear how they follow up with you.
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Hail damage can easily amount to $,$$$-$$,$$$ or even total a brand new car which explains why comprehensive car insurance is so high here in hail country. Softball size hail can literally flatten a car.
FYI: They sold that Volt already.
FYI: They sold that Volt already.
Wonder if we'll ever find out how much?
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