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2014 CPO with 26k miles - opinions?

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With my Fusion Energi lease wrapping up soon I've been watching the local used market and am seeing a local dealer with a loaded (Bose, leather, both safety packages) CPO 2014, Crystal Red with only about 26k miles on it for $15,991.

Seems like a decent price unless it needs tires and the CPO warranty should take the worry of any issues out of it. (My GMC was a CPO and it covered a few odds and ends)

Any opinions on that price?
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... actually I just got a rough/ball-park range from one company based on the pictures and they estimate that it's not a PDR candidate and would need new hood, roof and tailgate. Cost could be anywhere from $8,500 to $10,000. (insert Price-Is-Right sad trombone sound here)
You could just find replacements the same color for a lot less and just deal with the roof as it's not replaceable.
More work that I want to put into it. It would have to be a lot cheaper for me to want to deal with all of that.
So take your cash and make them an offer.
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