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2014 CPO with 26k miles - opinions?

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With my Fusion Energi lease wrapping up soon I've been watching the local used market and am seeing a local dealer with a loaded (Bose, leather, both safety packages) CPO 2014, Crystal Red with only about 26k miles on it for $15,991.

Seems like a decent price unless it needs tires and the CPO warranty should take the worry of any issues out of it. (My GMC was a CPO and it covered a few odds and ends)

Any opinions on that price?
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I just purchased an almost exact same car. 2014 CPO with 27k, Bose, leather, safety packages 1&2. As a CPO the tires must be good. Mine is called Red Tincoat. Looks like Ruby to me. Laid $16,500.....yours is a good deal.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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