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2014 CPO with 26k miles - opinions?

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With my Fusion Energi lease wrapping up soon I've been watching the local used market and am seeing a local dealer with a loaded (Bose, leather, both safety packages) CPO 2014, Crystal Red with only about 26k miles on it for $15,991.

Seems like a decent price unless it needs tires and the CPO warranty should take the worry of any issues out of it. (My GMC was a CPO and it covered a few odds and ends)

Any opinions on that price?
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You could just find replacements the same color for a lot less and just deal with the roof as it's not replaceable.
Ditto, assuming that's what they want to do...Heck, if you plan on driving the thing into the ground, mickey mouse job the roof, fill in the roof dings, with bondo and paint then throw on a same color used hood and tailgate...This is a very likely scenario for this vehicle...
FYI: They sold that Volt already.
Wonder if we'll ever find out how much?
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