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2014 CPO with 26k miles - opinions?

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With my Fusion Energi lease wrapping up soon I've been watching the local used market and am seeing a local dealer with a loaded (Bose, leather, both safety packages) CPO 2014, Crystal Red with only about 26k miles on it for $15,991.

Seems like a decent price unless it needs tires and the CPO warranty should take the worry of any issues out of it. (My GMC was a CPO and it covered a few odds and ends)

Any opinions on that price?
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Thanks, all. I'll try to test drive it early this week, if I buy I'll have to cram it into the garage next to all the kids bikes and such until my Fusion lease ends but that's a good problem to have!

Or maybe I can convince the dealer to give me the rediculously high payoff on the Fusion's lease... yeah, right!
Argh! They just emailed me back and warned me that it has some hail damage - waiting for him to send me some pictures of how bad.
Oh my! Pretty bad:
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Close ups

Close up's are worse! That "good deal" just turned really sour! Looks like a couple thousand or more worth of repairs to me:

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They'll buff right out, I am sure of it.
Yeah! No problem!
Standard discount is $50 a dent for hail damage.
By the looks of that picture, that could go into negative values! :D
Noticed the dealer web site has dropped the price to $11,991. I emailed them asking if it has a clean title (not salvaged) and if they'd let me take it t to a paintless dent removal shop for a quote.
... actually I just got a rough/ball-park range from one company based on the pictures and they estimate that it's not a PDR candidate and would need new hood, roof and tailgate. Cost could be anywhere from $8,500 to $10,000. (insert Price-Is-Right sad trombone sound here)
More work that I want to put into it. It would have to be a lot cheaper for me to want to deal with all of that.
So take your cash and make them an offer.
They haven't replied to my email asking if I can take it into the shop for a real estimate yet (and asking if it has a clear title or not). When they do, I'll mention the ball-park estimates I've gotten from the pictures and get a feel for their willingness to barter down that low... we're talking the $5k range though and I doubt they'll let it go that cheap.

I bet they hold onto it until their own body shop can get to it in a month or two.
FYI: They sold that Volt already.
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