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2014 Clicking noise returned 6 months after axle bolts were tightened

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Like many others, I had the infamous clicking noise on my 2014 when I let off the accelerator and started braking. My dealer tightened the axle bolts to specs and the problem went away. They fixed this under warranty.

But now, after only 6 months the clicking noise is back, and unfortunately, the Volt is now out of warranty.

Did anyone else who had their axle bolts tightened also have the clicking problem return after a period of time?

Has anyone had this issue fixed out of warranty? What kind of cost are we talking about?

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It's the tension washer between the axle and hub. The nuts are usually changed at the same time, but the washer is the main cause. Full thread with details linked below.

Click or Pop noise from front on Accel or Decel

My dealer tried torqueing and then changing the axle nut before they finally gave up and changed the whole axle. Covered under 5/100 warranty. Just changing the washer would have fixed it. But, since GM was paying, I didn't car about the overkill.
New part issued by GM. Old par defective
Part number 11611687.
Old thread, yes.. my car still runs. I’ll drive till wheels fall off
FYI I had the washer and axle nut changed on my 2014 some 4 years ago on driver side. The passenger side occassinally needs retorqueing only say once a year or so and have not had to change the washer. Just my experience.
The new part negates the need for periodic tightening. The procedure is to torque it to a specific value, loosen then re-torque to higher value. Will not come loose. I didn't record the torque values but I'm sure you can find it on the net
I hope to have a new EV only car by the time that passenger side fully gives out...if it does. Meanwhile I retorque it as needed. When you say new part you mean the 36mm nut vs the 32mm nut? as I recall changed. The bad is you can't torque the new nut without taking off the wheel now! If you meant the 36mm nut is the new part and not the washer then maybe I should use that nut now on the passenger side while the washer is not an issue considering I can retorque the existing nut ok though as I said comes loose sometimes.
I believe it is the 36mm, the revised part. Check it using that part number on I am quite possibly wrong about the nut size. Did a good bit of research on it after paying to change CV joints and struts based on an idiotic mechanic who doesn't work with the cars. I've learned that many lack the patience to properly diagnose issues. They are forced into coming up with quick solution to keep the money flowing.
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