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I'm new, so the Forum won't let me post a video. But if you copy/paste this on Youtube, its my video:
2014 CHEVY VOLT - Technical Mystery. Need help!!!!

When I first bought the card in 2014 this issue did not occur. Then about a year ago it started...

THE ISSUE: After driving the car, I put it in park and press the blue Power button. The car turns off, and I get 3 quick honks.

It happens intermittently (about 25% of the time), and its been hard to find a pattern. But here are some trends with it:

-- Tends to be after driving it a while. Not short trips. I could cycle through many short trips, with turning it on and off and not get it.

-- Its happened both with someone in the passenger seat, and without.

And of course it tends not to happen when I'm at the Chevy dealer service dept. One time, the service rep observed it, noted it... but they still could not figure it out.

On rare occasions (but more recently), after an instance of it NOT honking when stopping and turning off the engine... when I later get in the car and shut the door, it does the triple honk.

Any advice is appreciated! I'll read it here, or you can message me.
Thank you.
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