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In July I started a thread about how a lightning strike blew up my '14 Volt's charging port- at least as far a "public" chargers were concerned. My own personal $200 BougeRV Level 1-2 EV Charger (works on 110 with an adapter but now plugged into a 220v outlet) never stopped working but when I tried to charge at work or at the public chargers connecting the car caused the chargers to "Fault" and not charge the car. After a week the dealer diagnosed a bad port but also said they could not find a replacement and that GM would have "news on availability" in 16 weeks. I offered to buy my own spare part online but they said they cannot install "customer provided" parts. Since they were going to charge $400 labor for what I now know is a 30 minute procedure I decided to do it myself.

It turns out that they were right about availability of this spare part. I ordered (and paid for) the part six times and each time the order was cancelled and refunded because they could not deliver the part even thought the online ordering said the part was in stock. Seven is lucky because the seventh company not only had the part but also told me that my VIN indicated that I needed a different part number that was coincidentally $9 cheaper AND in stock <sounds of angels singing>. Because of weather I have not been able to install the part yet, but a curious thing happened two weeks ago. After driving 39 miles to work, on a whim, I plugged the car in and it charged! Woohoo! I knew it wasn't the port! The bad news is that next week the charger "faulted" again and did every day after than. So I am taking tomorrow off and since the sun is shining I will swap the part. Meanwhile my Amazon charger keeps working which keeps me skeptical that the port is the problem. Anyway- I appreciate everyone's suggestion that I do it myself. I will try it tomorrow and keep you posted. I will even try to GoPro the event. Fingers crossed.

I am still waiting to here if Ford is ever going to buld let alone deliver the Maverick I ordered 10.5 months ago (but it's not looking good).
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