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2014 Can I stop the honk when closing the door while the car is on?

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I looked through the settings and did a few searches of this forum but haven't found relevant info. When I get out of my 2014 Volt while it is fully powered on (in Park) and close the driver's door, the horn honks and a message displays on the dash saying "no remote detected." Is it possible to disable this?

I have been doing deliveries at night and have to leave the door open to avoid the honk. I don't want to shut down the car for a quick dropoff 20' away (plus it keeps my cameras recording.)
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Leaving the driver’s door open, of course, gets that ding ding ding thing going... That triple honk when you shut the door is a safety feature to remind you you’ve removed the fob from the car and the car is still turned on and running. You could leave your fob in the cubby by the shift lever while you get out to drop off deliveries (if you are not concerned with getting your car hijacked), or I suppose if you still have two fobs, you could leave one in the car.
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Someone posted that if before exiting, the driver rolls down the driver's window and once the door is closed from outside, reach back through the window with the key fob and this will defeat the triple beep. I tried, didn't work.
Seems to me that hint may work, if you pay attention to the sequencing of the actions. The triple honk is to alert you you forgot to turn off your Volt before getting out and taking the fob with you (and thus the car is still driveable, or it may sit there running until the battery is depleted and the engine starts up to keep the charge maintained, and fills the garage with carbon monoxide).

The alarm doesn’t sound as the driver exits the car, but when the driver closes the door with no fob inside the car. If the alarm trigger is the closing of the door, perhaps you could get around it by rolling down the driver’s window before exiting, then get out and stick your arm though the open window to hold the fob in your hand inside the car as you then close the door... fob is still inside the car when the door is shut, so no alarm... and then bring you hand outside the car and stick the fob back in your pocket or wherever...
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This has already happened to some. In one case the wife drove to work with her husband, she left the drivers seat, he got in and drove away not realizing she still had the key fob. Like you say, Cloudnine, just don't turn off the car. Unless you are home and in the house with the extra set of keys. Or are picking up the wife, whichever comes first!
Just a reminder, if you park your Volt and press the blue button to turn it off, and for some reason there is no fob in the car (or the fob battery has lost its magic), a message will appear on the driver’s display saying something like, No Remote Detected, Press Brake to Restart. I can’t remember if the system also sounds a chime to let you know there’s this message on the screen. For the next few minutes you have the chance to restart the car without a fob (perhaps your fob is, for example, in the pocket of the passenger you earlier dropped off at work or school) by pressing the brake and the start button. I don’t know if this chance to restart the car will still be there if you’ve opened and closed the driver’s door before realizing you don’t have the fob with you.
Because it PARTLY determines whether to honk by whether the driver's seat is occupied. Passengers can get in and out all day with the car on, and it's fine. The driver can open and close that door all day too, as long as they're seated.
I learned earlier today that in the 2012 Volt I’ve been driving for nearly 11 years, the "fob outside a running car" alarm will sound even if the driver’s seat is occupied. I got in my car and pressed the blue button to start it. I then opened the driver’s window, and held the fob in my hand and stuck my arm out the window and held the fob outside the car as I opened and closed the door with my other hand while sitting in the driver’s seat. The triple honk alarm sounded to let me know the car was running but there was no fob inside the car. Didn’t matter that I was sitting in the driver’s seat.

I then got out of the still running car with the fob in my hand (ding ding ding because the driver’s door was open), reached my arm through the open window to hold the fob within the car, then closed the door. No alarm sounded (because the fob was inside the car). I then drew my arm and fob back out the window, and no alarm sounded when the fob was outside the car.

I don’t know if this is a "one time" alarm, but I suspect it is. That is, the first time the driver’s door is opened and closed when the fob is outside the running car, the alarm will sound, but any further opening and closing of the door with the fob outside the running car will not set off any alarm.

I strongly suspect that the driver’s door is the only door that will trigger this alarm. That is, if the fob is outside the running car when a passenger gets out and shuts the passenger door, there will be no alarm. Thus if you get in the car to drive your wife to work, and your fob is still in the house, but hers is in her purse, the fob in the purse of the passenger allows you to start the car and drive off... then when she gets out to go to work and shuts the door, there’s no alarm to remind you she is taking her fob with her, and now there is no fob remaining in the car, so if you stop somewhere on the way home and turn off the car, you can’t restart it because she has her fob and your fob is at home.
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