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2014 Can I stop the honk when closing the door while the car is on?

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I looked through the settings and did a few searches of this forum but haven't found relevant info. When I get out of my 2014 Volt while it is fully powered on (in Park) and close the driver's door, the horn honks and a message displays on the dash saying "no remote detected." Is it possible to disable this?

I have been doing deliveries at night and have to leave the door open to avoid the honk. I don't want to shut down the car for a quick dropoff 20' away (plus it keeps my cameras recording.)
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... I just lean the door without actually closing it fully .... you do get the "ding ding" ...
And I'm outside the car, not inside, so the ding-ding is less annoying to me. And the purpose was so that I could walk away from the car, for whatever reason, so I'm getting further from the ding-ding source.
Now, if Mrs. is sitting in the car, I have empathy and shut down and take the key so she won't have reason to provide a third 'noise' for me to hear when I return....
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