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2014 Can I stop the honk when closing the door while the car is on?

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I looked through the settings and did a few searches of this forum but haven't found relevant info. When I get out of my 2014 Volt while it is fully powered on (in Park) and close the driver's door, the horn honks and a message displays on the dash saying "no remote detected." Is it possible to disable this?

I have been doing deliveries at night and have to leave the door open to avoid the honk. I don't want to shut down the car for a quick dropoff 20' away (plus it keeps my cameras recording.)
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Thanks! I didn't know where to put it but this makes sense.

... That triple honk when you shut the door is a safety feature...
I suppose if you still have two fobs, you could leave one in the car.
It's a great safety feature, however, I would like the option to customize it.
Wouldn't leaving a second fob in the car cause a host of additional issues?

Someone posted that if before exiting, the driver rolls down the driver's window and once the door is closed from outside, reach back through the window with the key fob and this will defeat the triple beep. I tried, didn't work.
I suspected that your sequence was wrong. I confirmed that this does work if you reach in before closing the door.

perhaps you could get around it by rolling down the driver’s window before exiting, then get out and stick your arm though the open window to hold the fob in your hand inside the car as you then close the door... fob is still inside the car when the door is shut, so no alarm... and then bring you hand outside the car and stick the fob back in your pocket or wherever...
Yup, I confirmed that works after reading the prior reply. This gives me an option that I can use at times.

After going through that hurdle of steps I'd just as well hear the damn honk ...
I deliver at night when people say do not knock or ring the bell due to dogs and/or others sleeping. That gives me more reason not to "honk" when I arrive. I've been leaving the door open and try to park so that the driver's side is to the curb, but sometimes I have to park with the open door in the street. I'm more concerned about it getting hit by a passing car than someone jumping in. I do lock up when I feel it's best to secure it ;)

Because it PARTLY determines whether to honk by whether the driver's seat is occupied. Passengers can get in and out all day with the car on, and it's fine. The driver can open and close that door all day too, as long as they're seated.
I just tried it and you are mistaken. I remained seated, opened and closed the door, no honk. Again I opened the door, tossed out the fob, closed the door and heard the honk.
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