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2014 Can I stop the honk when closing the door while the car is on?

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I looked through the settings and did a few searches of this forum but haven't found relevant info. When I get out of my 2014 Volt while it is fully powered on (in Park) and close the driver's door, the horn honks and a message displays on the dash saying "no remote detected." Is it possible to disable this?

I have been doing deliveries at night and have to leave the door open to avoid the honk. I don't want to shut down the car for a quick dropoff 20' away (plus it keeps my cameras recording.)
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There was a thread awhile back about a horn temporary disable switch install. I looked at it, decided it wasn't worth it for me to do, but might be for you.

Agreed that triple honk is my number one annoyance with the car now. If I had known that was going to be a permanent feature of the car I would have never let them do the recall that made it that way.
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