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2013 Volt - Traction Battery Issue

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My 2013 Volt with 89k miles had a CEL come on last week, took it to the dealer a week or so ago where they said one section of the battery needed to be replaced. Because they told me this one other time and it ended up not being true I waited for confirmation this time before posting here. I checked in with the service department today and they said that GM is sending a replacement for one section of the main traction battery. The service rep said there were bad cells, but I haven't seen that written/confirmed anywhere. He did say the battery is ordered, but it will take 3 weeks to get here. Oh, and tonight when leaving work another CEL came on stating something like "Service high voltage charging systems" and the car will not accept a charge at all.....Soooo, off to the dealership again in the morning, getting really tired of this relationship with the Volt, great car when it is working, but I have never in my life had so many issues with a vehicle.
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Heads-up there is an inexpensive defeat plug that would make redundant unnecessary visits into the GM service dept. in order to clear these latched codes preventing charging and is a no-brainer mod for high-mileage Gen1s approaching end of warranty periods IMHO!;)
WOT's plug eliminates a failed coolant sensor as a source of the CEL and the resultant latched code. If the reason for CEL is something else, like failed cells, I fail to see how it would help in a case like this. Why do you feel otherwise?
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