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2013 Volt Totaled

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My 2013 Volt with 84,000 miles was totaled. However, the main car is in good shape, so batteries, doors, engine all are believed to be in good shape.

The damage is to the front hood, bumpers, radiators and front quarter panels.

Estimated repair cost at shop is $9,000. Value of car is $10,000 so insurance company totaled.

If someone wants to buy at auction for about $2800 call Copart Elgin,Il. 630-497-8343
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After getting the valuation papers from the insurance company, I found they are low balling the value of the car so the 75% threshold for totaling is easier to meet. Because of the high salvage value of the volt, they save money by totaling.

They use CCC One to get value of a car. They arbitrarily deducted $1,006 for condition. Check those valuation very closely.
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