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2013 Volt: Propulsion Power Reduced

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I have been getting the above message on my Volt infrequently for about a year (maybe 8 times). I took it into a Chevy dealer yesterday and the only thing they could ascertain was there was a code (p2181) for the thermostat to be replaced. I was told the cost would be around $650 total, including 3 hours ($129 per hour) for labor. Does anyone have any thoughts on the cost/need of this repair, and if it could cause the propulsion power to be reduced? The car shows no symptoms of having a faulty thermostat, such as overheating, etc.
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The busted thermostat issue will not cause a PPR event. A battery that cannot produce electrons at a rate to keep up with what you're doing is what triggers PPRs. Most of the methods for managing PPRs (which are symptomatic of an aging battery or a damaged cell) involve the engine being used, and the busted thermostat will definitely make using the engine less efficient and less productive. So fixing that thermostat might be a good idea.

And in the meantime, go read as many 2023 threads as you can about a code P0AFA, how to protected weak cells, and to NOT shut off the car while the engine is turning if you can help it.
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