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2013 Volt: new owner questions re door lock and washer fluid

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Hi folks,

Just bought a 2013 Volt today, and have some initial questions:

- WASHER FLUID. I see the filler cap on the right hand side next to the front grille on opening the hood. QUESTION: how can I tell if it's full, or how empty it is? Mine appears to have a filler neck that disappears, with no visible reservoir whose level I can check.

- OUTER DOOR LOCK BUTTON ON DRIVER'S DOOR HANDLE. The switch on the driver's side door handle seems to do nothing, as does the button on the rear passenger door. I don't care much about the passenger door, as few passengers need to lock/unlock their doors from outside, but I do care about the driver's door. QUESTION: any hints on what might be wrong? Could this be a configuration issue, fixable in the DIC, or is it a hardware issue in the button?

Many thanks!
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Thanks for the quick replies!

1. Turned out it was already full! I started pouring and immediately it was full to the brim. RELATED QUESTION: how easy is it to drain the current fluid? I know it didn't work last night in 10F and would like to be certain it's now full of freeze-protected fluid.

2. @hellsop: great advice! Could have sworn I tried this already, but I did it again following your advice, with fob in-hand and touching the ring, and the door unlocked (sluggishly). Next stop: new batteries!
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