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2013 Volt: new owner questions re door lock and washer fluid

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Hi folks,

Just bought a 2013 Volt today, and have some initial questions:

- WASHER FLUID. I see the filler cap on the right hand side next to the front grille on opening the hood. QUESTION: how can I tell if it's full, or how empty it is? Mine appears to have a filler neck that disappears, with no visible reservoir whose level I can check.

- OUTER DOOR LOCK BUTTON ON DRIVER'S DOOR HANDLE. The switch on the driver's side door handle seems to do nothing, as does the button on the rear passenger door. I don't care much about the passenger door, as few passengers need to lock/unlock their doors from outside, but I do care about the driver's door. QUESTION: any hints on what might be wrong? Could this be a configuration issue, fixable in the DIC, or is it a hardware issue in the button?

Many thanks!
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My experience with the door lock buttons is you'll have to replace them occasionally and they're expensive. A local premium car wash was responsible for ruining 3 of mine a few winters ago. It was subzero for several days and I wanted a clean vehicle, 'cause in cold weather it can stay clean longer. Toward the end of the wash where the attendants are wiping down the outside, they used compressed air to blow out the lock buttons, after which only one worked (passenger side) and I stupidly assumed it was due to being frozen. But when they still didn't work a few weeks later I took it to the dealership, which had to replace those 3. Due to the time passed, I felt it was too late to complain at the wash. Needless to say I've not used that car wash since.
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