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2013 Volt keeps calling for charge from ESVE after full charge

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Hopefully today is the first day this occurred, but hard to say. I noticed when I was about to plug in my ELR that our Clipper Creek LCS-25 that was lit up as charging yet the Volt's indicator was flashing for charge complete (and it was full/see blow)

Unplugged Volt -> EVSE shutdown as expected
Turned on the Volt -> showing full charge
Plugged Volt back in -> charged a few minutes then went back to flashing on the Volt, yet EVSE showed charging & can hear a slight hum (presumably the relay for charging)

Unplug the Volt and plug in the ELR (which was about 1/2 charge) -> normal charge lights on both
Checked back in 2 hrs and the ELR was done charging the EVSE charging light was off.

So it appears the Volt is the culprit. Will give it another test tomorrow. I'm still on the original 12V battery, but I've not found/read anything quite like this as this as a symptom. Was thinking perhaps to do a pre-emptive battery replacement soon, but any thoughts before I haul it off to the dealership to take a look at the charging system?
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Double check that you do not have any delayed charging set up. ...
Will double check, though we've never set up the delay charging since we aren't on time-of-day rate (yet) except for tinkering once back when we first got it in '13.

The concern is that the EVSE relay is actually providing power (EVSE charging light is on, not just the Power light) even though the Volt (blinking light on Gen1) isn't calling for it.
Yep, looks like it might have been a fluke. While I'm familiar with it coming back on once a while for it doing it's maintenance business. It had been on for a good 1/2 hour after the charge was completed (after I had cycled it once yesterday), and it was warm in the garage (had ran that heater that day and is well insulated)

Today it behaved normally after taking it for a drive and charging back up. So was probably just being a bit too protective! Though will still keep an eye one it :) out of good ol' paranoia!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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