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2013 Volt - Intermittent charge issues

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So here's a weird issue that I can't figure out. Periodically I will take a short drive in the morning (maybe 10km or so), then come home and plug in. Yellow light will stay on and I will get the message "Unable to charge" and my range is now down to 0. Turn the car on and get the "Service High Voltage System" and "Propulsion power reduced" messages. OK. Remove 12v negative, put it back, messages are gone, car will charge fine and range is back to where it should be, no issues.

I just replaced the 12v battery with a new one thinking that was the problem, but it still persists. This has happened to me twice in the past month, always in the morning. I'm wondering if it could be my L2 charger (using an Nissan unit) or maybe the dreaded coolant sensor issue?

Dealer had "fixed" this in the winter by "reprogramming" the battery computer but I'm assuming they just reflashed it and it reset the errors.

The only codes I could get were from a check engine light that I normally receive when there are power quality issues with charging (P1E00 & P0D22). After I reset the 12v there are no codes and everything works fine.

Specs:2013 Volt, 106,000km, L2 charging ( Nissan unit @ 20amp) plugged into 30a dryer plug

Help! :)
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Rule out the EVSE by using the stock 120V unit immediately after such a failure.
If it fails on both you've determined it's either 1) car or 2) house power
Since you're familiar with the issues that happen with poor grid power, this is likely not the case - I would guess car needs to go in for service - drive it to the shop with those error messages on screen so they have it with computer info in hand. 12V reset will erase the logs.

Coolant level would throw a different error message - service high voltage charging system, which sounds like you're not getting.
Your coolant level is ok, but not ideal. It should be at the black label, but it will go down over time with evaporation.
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