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2013 Volt Heater Issues

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Two months ago I purchased a Certified 2013 Volt. Sadly, it hasn't been a great experience. 3 visits for repairs in the first month of owning it and now an on-going issue with the heater the dealership hasn't been able to resolve.

My heater will sometimes work, sometimes not. Sadly when I've taken it in for this issue, the heater starts working again and they say they can't fix an issue they can't replicate.

This morning, it's 38 degrees out and the heater never kicked on, even after adjusting the temp all the way up to HI and keeping it on auto. It blew cold air for the entire 45 minute drive into work. I'm going to schedule another appointment, but I worry it'll be working again and I'll get the same answer that there is nothing they can do if they can't replicate it.

Has anyone experienced this before and been able to get this fixed? I've seen an old thread about needing a software update but the dealership insists the software in my volt is fully up to date so that wouldn't be the issue.

I really really want to like this car but it's not been a great experience so far.
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Some early model Volts have an issue with the heater core not always working properly. I had the issue, and I suspect more do than what has been reported, but the less informed believe you just don't get heat without the engine running (which of course isn't true).

Regardless of whether or not the problem is occurring when you go see them, there are codes they should be able to read out from that module that verify the problem is present. The solution is for them to usually replace the Heater Core, which is the unit that gives you heat when the engine isn't running. Sometimes, a reprogramming can work too, I am told.

You may want to check out this thread and reference the noted PICs for your dealer:

If they continue to give you a hard time, I would find another dealer or escalate to GM customer service.

Sorry you're having an issue here, but once resolved I think you'll really love the Volt!
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