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2013 Volt Heater Issues

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Two months ago I purchased a Certified 2013 Volt. Sadly, it hasn't been a great experience. 3 visits for repairs in the first month of owning it and now an on-going issue with the heater the dealership hasn't been able to resolve.

My heater will sometimes work, sometimes not. Sadly when I've taken it in for this issue, the heater starts working again and they say they can't fix an issue they can't replicate.

This morning, it's 38 degrees out and the heater never kicked on, even after adjusting the temp all the way up to HI and keeping it on auto. It blew cold air for the entire 45 minute drive into work. I'm going to schedule another appointment, but I worry it'll be working again and I'll get the same answer that there is nothing they can do if they can't replicate it.

Has anyone experienced this before and been able to get this fixed? I've seen an old thread about needing a software update but the dealership insists the software in my volt is fully up to date so that wouldn't be the issue.

I really really want to like this car but it's not been a great experience so far.
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Thanks everyone.

The first time I went in they replaced the heater control module as they were able to verify at that time it wasn't working.

The second visit was a couple days after I got the car back when an error message of "engine not available" appeared while I was driving and then the car refused to turn on for two days. Roadside assistance was unable to get a tow truck to arrive to actually tow my car, so it was just pure luck the car eventually started back up and I could drive it to the dealership. A week later, they "fixed" the issue but admitted they weren't 100% sure what was wrong to cause the error to begin with.

Then the heat went out again (and my bluetooth disappeared as an option from any menu!) and by the day of my appointment it was working again on its own and they said there were no error codes and they couldn't replicate the issue so there was nothing they could do.

And now the heat is out again and I have an appointment on Saturday to get it looked at. I tried OnStar to see if they could see any error codes but they said nothing shows up for them. Thanks for the PIC codes so I can at least point them in that direction if the heater starts working again on the day of my appointment.

And yeah, having it certified certainly helps makes sure I'm not having to pay for each of these visits to the dealership, but it's becoming a big pain. And at the rate things have been going, I'm worried about these issues just continuing past the year of extended warranty. From what I've read online the lemon laws won't apply because I bought it used and not new.

Oh and having to pay for gas on the loaners kinda defeats the purpose of buying an electric vehicle - especially when one of the loaners they gave me was a schoolbus.....errr, Chevy Tahoe.

But mainly what disappoints me the most is I really really want to love the car and be an advocate for this technology. Friends and coworkers ask me about my car and sadly when they see me driving a new loaner every couple of weeks it's not really a glowing endorsement for buying an electric vehicle.
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