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2013 Volt drained EDU ATF Question 05182018
Drained the EDU ATF today at 80,040 miles.
Drained ATF looks and smelled new.
We drained out 5 quarts, (measured), let it drain long time and did it all as per procedure.
It was driven with IC motor on and off, it was up to temp, the shifter was placed in
all selections multiple 45 second times for over five minutes.
After refill of only One gallon even, the fluid is draining
fast out of the tell tale hole, [no dipstick], so it was decided to leave it at that 5 quarts drained
and the four quarts replenished and drive it for 40 miles in all modes and check it again.
This vehicle has never been serviced as to the this ATF EDU level before.
We did read many times that when drained that will be six quarts and put six back in.
Any ideas or suggestions? We took out 5 quarts and put four back in is a quandry.

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I did my transmission service a couple weeks ago, and ran in to the same thing as you. I drained 5 quarts into a measured container, and refilled 5 quarts. Ran the transmission up to temp per the service manual, and I "drained" about a quart back out from the level check plug.

I left it like that, I just figured that no matter how long you let it drain you'll never get that entire fill out of there. Considering the fluid in the Volt transmission is almost entirely for cooling and lubrication, not for clutch application, I doubt it's a huge deal if it's off by a little bit. My fluid also looked brand new at 125k miles, I couldn't find any record of it being done by the previous owner from the dealer records.
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