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2013 Premium Whiteline BHF93 rear swaybar installed.

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2013 Premium Whiteline BHR93 rear swaybar installed.

Worth every penny. 30min install. no need to remove springs
or anything. bolts on. huge improvement in stability and tight corners.

EDIT Title: the BHF93 is front and BHR93 is rear.

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I would like to know the effect on ride quality. You realize, of course, that a fully independent suspension becomes a little less so when an anti-roll bar is installed. Added to the twist beam rear suspension- which renders the setup as "semi-independent" there is a lot of cross-linking going on there. Though I was disappointed years ago when Volt appeared with the current rear setup, it has worked well, especially in Gen 2 and neither I nor anyone else seems to find fault with it. The question is: did Chevy leave off your new bar because it is not beneficial or only because it is an extra expense and weight?
Fully independent rear suspensions allow for much better control and handling, but are bulky and expensive. One thing they don't deal very well with however are changes in supported load. The weight on the front suspension changes little compared to the rear when passengers, fuel, trailers, and cargo are added or removed. Hence, the popularity of torsion beam rear suspensions.

Standard vehicles are tuned for "safety", that is when approaching cornering limits, they will under-steer (plow straight) rather than over-steer and potentially spin. Without massive tech, most any cars needs anti-roll control via (anti-)roll bars. Adding a bar to the front resists roll and also creates understeer. With enough front stiffness for roll control on most FWD cars gives too much understeer and adding a rear bar balances that out. The stiffer the rear bar, the more "lively" handling gets, that is, it tends toward oversteer. OEMs want light rear bars. Aftermarket lets you go heavier to get a sportier handler.
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