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2013 Premium Whiteline BHF93 rear swaybar installed.

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2013 Premium Whiteline BHR93 rear swaybar installed.

Worth every penny. 30min install. no need to remove springs
or anything. bolts on. huge improvement in stability and tight corners.

EDIT Title: the BHF93 is front and BHR93 is rear.

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Kit pictures show bushings for (apparent) mounting to body. I don't see them in your photo.
Its a generic pic,,
That bar appears to not be bolted to the chassis. Won't have any affect on the handling that way...
and yet it does,,the connecting tube betw the rear arms twist when in corners.The sway bar just adds a little more force against the twisting action.
this way the ride quality isn't affected to much.
I painted my bar so it was less noticeable.why advertise a handling mod.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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