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2013 needs $4K For Motor Mounts?

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Hey Guys: Need your advice....

Have 2013 Chevy Volt with 89,000 miles. Took to Chevy dealer for routine service. They say a) needs all three motor mounts and b) something wrong about front axle where it connects to the wheels (?). Anyway, whole thing will cost $4,000+ to fix. On a 10 yr old Volt that's worth maybe $9,000.

These seem like my options - which do you like and can you think of any others:

1. Say "screw it" and drive it until it drops. I've not felt, seen or heard anything while driving that indicates a problem.

2. Keep my trap shut and take it elsewhere to sell or trade in on a new/used vehicle.

3. Part it out - there's no apparent EV battery degradation. Still charges to 39-40 mile range.

4. Take it elsewhere for a second opinion, then if get same result then pick (1), (2) or (3) above.

Your thoughts? Thanks
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I agree with 4 and believe a second opinion from a mechanic that you trust is in order. The repairs described have nothing to do with the EV components and can be performed by any qualified repair shop. $4K for repairs is a dealer trick to motivate a trade in with purchase of a new car in my experience! The KIA dealer once told me it was $4k to repair my Optima brakes but offered a generous (ha) offer of $1k for a trade in. Took it to the Ford dealer and got $3.9K trade in for purchase of a used Fusion Energi with 10k mi!

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Second opinion from a not dealer repair shop sounds smart to me.
There is nothing EV special about the mounts or the axle. Any shop can take care of these issues.
I have a 2012 Volt with 101K miles and a weak cell in the traction battery. I have had symptoms of the weak cell for about two years now (PPR messages, running on gas under load when there is battery available). I still get 35-39 miles when it's above 55 degrees, but I realize the end is near, so I am not planning on spending much on maintaining it, and I am hoping to be able to get a Blazer EV before it gives up the ghost.
Send it to the crusher.
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