As you may have noticed yesterday, GM-Volt reader kdawg mentioned in comments that he just took delivery of a 2013 Volt, so I thought I’d find out more from GM given its last statements were to expect the updated car next month.

GM spokesman Kevin Kelly said the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly line switched over just after the Independence Day holiday, and thus far availability of 2013 model year Volts is spotty.


The reasons for the July changeover had nothing to do with GM having more or less let the cat out of the bag that the new car is tweaked with a 16.5-kwh battery and other changes, Kelly said, but it was in the course of normal business.

I was thinking GM might have cannibalized its own sales by its announcement last month , but Kelly said that really was not what drove the automaker's decision.

Rather, he said, once GM's suppliers were lined up, it was deemed time to stop 2012 production and move on to the 2013 spec. He also clarified that when GM had projected an August due date for the 2013s, it had meant that is when it would be reasonable to expect them in significant quantity, but that did not preclude the July changeover.

So, if you want a 2013 Volt, the status now is nationwide orders are being accepted. Wait time all depends, “but whether they are available on the lot will be a case by case basis,” Kelly said.


As for kdawg, he said he too was surprised and even skeptical when the dealership said they had one just show up.

"I didn't wait for someone else to snag it, and bought it about five days after they rolled it off the trailer," he said.

But now here's a mystery: He asked his salesman to copy and send over the actual info sheet pertaining to his Volt, and the build date says 6/7/2012.

At this point, we're not sure how it could have been built in June. Yesterday Kevin Kelly made a phone call to verify when the Dham changeover happened, then called me back with fresh info.


Kdawg took some guesses.

"Maybe the build date is for powertrain build," he said, "or battery pack build? Or the date of the start of the build? I don't know, since I've never seen a form before like the one I sent you."

The VIN number on the form matches the car, and AER is listed as 38 miles, not 35, and MPGe is 98, so it's definitely a 2013.

Do any of you know how a form could say the "build date" is June 7 for a 2013MY when GM says the factory did not change over until after July 4?

If I learn more, I'll update this.

UPDATE: Rather than re-edit this, since we already raised questions, I'll just add the answer: I called Kevin Kelly back, and he said a handful of 2013s had been sprinkled in before the whole assembly line changeover, so this means kdawg does have one of the earliest ones.

I asked how to ascertain whether he might have the first or one of the first, but Kelly said he could not get that answer too quickly today, so we'll leave that as the next open question for now.

Kelly said none were built before June to his knowledge, so that's what we know to this point.