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2013 Low pitched buzzing noise from rear when car is locked

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I have noticed when going into the garage at night to charge the 2013 Volt, sometimes there is a low pitched buzzing noise constantly coming from near the rear axle. The only way I can turn it off is by starting the car and shutting it off again. The car is shut down and locked but the noise randomly starts after I leave it and come back later on. The noise continues until the car is turned on again. It sort of sounds like the mechanical sound the parking brake makes, but my parking brake is not on, the car is only in park and shut off. Has anyone experienced this? Thank you for any assistance.
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My car makes all sorts of whirring noises periodically near the fuel tank. It's creating pressure (or was it a vacuum) to help the fuel last longer. There was a service bulletin to get part of the system replaced. Maybe you have an old one?
The consensus is the fuel pressurization system. This is normal. Don;t worry about it and don't try to make it stop by turning in and off the car.

Similarly, in the summer when parked in a hot garage, there will be whirring as well as fan noises up front where the temp management system works to cool the battery (and warm the garage). I've started to charge after dark at times or park outside and charge at 110v to keep my garage cooler so I can work on projects in there. I really need to build a shed for my vehicles and toys out by the horse barn.
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