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2013 Instructions on replacing the HVAC fan?

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My heater blower had been problematic for a long time. Sometimes it just refuses to turn on (the heat or AC turns on, but the blower itself doesn't), and lately when it does turn on it seems like its not moving as much air as it used to, and it makes a bit of a whine. In the past week even when its set to a constant speed in the HVAC controls, the actual fan speed waivers quite a bit. I plan to just replace the blower entirely hoping to solve both problems.

My problem is that I haven't been able to find any information on how to actually do this. I've done a lot of work on older cars where you can actually see things, so I'm mechanically inclined, I'm just not sure how you actually get to the thing. I'm guessing since you access the cabin air filter through the back of the glove box, I probably need to replace the glove box door, but other than that vague idea I'm stumped.
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If you open your glovebox and pull out the back of it, you can access the "door" for your cabin air filter.
(see this thread)
The fan sits just below that.
I have absolutely no idea how you'd remove and/or replace the motor though, I've never looked that hard.
And here's what it looks like under there.
Learning every day :)
If you do try to just lube the bearings to get more time out of it, I suggest triflow. It's meant for bicycles but I've found it to be an excellent light lubricant for fans.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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