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2013 Hood will not open

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Two weeks ago I opened the hood to add wiper fluid, and it was unusually hard to close. The usual drop from 12" did not work, so I actually had to "slam" it shut. Now, when I pull the release handle, nothing happens. The hood remains locked shut.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to open the hood?
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when you pull the release handle do you hear any click/clunk like the latch is trying to release?
No, there is no action from the hood when I pull the release handle. I feel like if I pull any harder on the handle, I will break it. No amount of shaking or jarring the hood will get it to pop up so that I can release the latch.
Well, I finally got the hood to open. It took a lot of pulling on the lever, and pushing and pulling on the hood to finally get it to pop up. I was careful not to dent my hood. It is still way too difficult to close the hood. I will have the dealer look at it in the fall when I take it in for an oil change.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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